June 16, 2022



Commentary for June 16, 2022:

It might seem like a weird way to deal with Sora-Ya and her goons, but are you going to try jumping off a high speed monorail train that just started speeding down a tunnel? Donít answer that. I wanted it to go down this way, honestly, because itís how it went down in the original story in Eonís Comic #145. The details are a bit different, mind you. The train was actually on its way to the rocket silo to deliver the Chaos Emeralds and Sonic was fighting Sora-Ya on the train as it moved. As it arrived at the silo, the Chaos Emeralds were loaded onto the rocket while some Badniks attacked, and Sonic set the train moving again at high speed to send Sora-Ya packing, while he tried to board the rocket.

This time around, the train doesnít go to the silo and the Chaos Emeralds arenít being delivered by train either; the monorail tunnel is just the entrance the two parties are using to get into Eggmanís base, but the resolution is essentially the same. Get Sora-Ya and her thugs on the train and send them off down the tunnel. Of course, itís the kind of clever use of tech to solve a problem that I think Tails would come up with under the circumstances. Itís not that Sonic isnít clever enough for it; I just think if Tails is there, itís more likely sheíd come up with this spur-of-the-moment plan first.

I was very reticent to use Paint Shop Proís blurring tools in Eonís World Vol. 1 for a long time, and Iíve only really just started allowing myself to do it. I used them a lot in Eonís Comic, and I feel like I overused them a bit. I didnít want to be overly reliant on them, but there are occasions where theyíre just the best tool for the job. Like the train suddenly speeding off and Sonic and Rouge rushing off down the passage in the base.

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