June 15, 2022



Commentary for June 15, 2022:

Hark! An entirely traditionally styled page with no 3D stuff in it! What a twist!

Yeah, Iím only using the 3D stuff in a fairly limited capacity, so most pages are going to be like this, same as they ever were. At least, for now. I donít know, though. If I had the skill to make a lot more really good looking 3D assets and do it quickly, maybe thereíd be more. But as it is, this is how most pages are going to look, so not any different than before, really. Heck, the monorail terminal here is basically lifted straight from Chapter 27.

Now in the original, this was the story where Bomber-1ís elite Buzzbomber commander counterpart from Eonís Comic was first destroyed, also by Sora-Ya just like here. They were later rebuilt (and destroyed again eventually, permanently that time), but I donít have any plans to repeat that for Eonís World. Bomber-1 is dead and probably wonít be rebuilt. Rust in pieces.

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