June 13, 2022



Commentary for June 13, 2022:

So, fun story! These two echidnas, Lysander and Oberon, first debuted almost five years ago in Eonís World Vol. 2, Chapter 7 (spoiler warnings, obviously, if you choose to click). They were just a pair of anonymous henchmen, who existed to be killed by the heroes on their way to the final boss fight. But I kinda dug their looks, so I decided to include them in Vol. 1, Chapter 10, largely so there was a bit more variety among Imperial mooks rather than just colour variations. But it wasnít until this chapter that I gave them names. No, I donít expect them to ever rise above the prominence of, say, Thundercracker and Skywarp in the classic Transformers cartoon or comic, but itís good to at least put names to faces now, eh?

Iím quite pleased with how much of the brig set I made in SketchUp weíre getting to see in this chapter, by the way. While we havenít seen the entire room, I think it should be reasonably evident what kind of shape and layout the room is. This is, of course, something you could never really do with pure sprite backgrounds, so while it can take a little long to work on these pages, I have no regrets at all.

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