June 8, 2022



Commentary for June 8, 2022:

So the week I made this page is actually the week I resumed updates. Youíd think Iíd be keen to crack on and get as many pages done as I could so as to not start losing my backlog, but I also needed to do a lot of work for my Friday D&D campaign that week, too, so it wasnít until the weekend that I was really able to get on with this. And while it may look like a much more ordinary page of Eonís World Vol. 1, with the standard zoom and characters and backgrounds arranged like actors and sets on a stage, I still needed to make all these Badnik sprites, because I hadnít made any of them yet. So it was a lot more work than you might imagine.

Fortunately, Badniks donít really require as many sprites as other characters since they typically have a very limited move set. The Buzzbomber sprites are basically complete, since Buzzbombers only really have two poses; moving and hovering. Orbot and Cubot were easy enough to do, since theyíre just scaled up versions of the custom sprites I already made of them, essentially. But the E-1000 was a lot more daunting. The sprites Iíd used previously to represent the E-1000 were Chaos Gamma sprites from Sonic Battle on the Gameboy Advance, and all Iíve really done here is bigger, higher res version of that sprite. I did think of taking the opportunity to make a more SA2 accurate portrayal of the E-1000, with guns instead of hands, but I think basic soldier Badniks would be more useful if their guns can convert into hands when theyíre out of combat, so I kept the hands from Chaos Gamma.

Anyway, at this point in the chapter, weíve reached the part of the story that was originally told in Eonís Comic #144-145. As a reminder, there was a break in the original version of the story. Eonís Comic #143 looked in on Eon doing some campaign work for the progressive candidate in the Meridian election, who was not originally Sally Acorn, but an OC who belonged to someone Iím no longer in touch with. Itís an odd exception, but I donít think I have ever seriously considered a modern retelling of that story for Eonís World Vol. 1, because it just didnít add all that much to the overall narrative and it really wasnít very good. Donít worry, though, weíll be looking in on Sallyís presidential bid before the actual election in a couple more chapters.

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