June 2, 2022



Commentary for June 2, 2022:

Rouge is back! I’d talk about her new sprites a bit here, but unfortunately the way I set up that last panel, you can’t actually see most of her, so we’ll come back to that tomorrow.

Anyway, this here is another event straight from the original story, where Rouge came to Sonic’s rescue in a plane of her own. Now, in Eon’s Comic, Rouge’s plane was just a heavily edited Tornado 2 sprite; a small, single seater aircraft that Sonic had to perch on the back of, much like the Tornado. But I decided right from the planning stage of this chapter that Rouge should have something with a bit more oomph. So I came up with this fancy private jet.

Now arranging a scene inside the cockpit has proven trickier than I anticipated, but this is all a learning experience, I guess. We’ll see if I can improve upon what I’ve managed here in tomorrow’s page.

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