June 1, 2022



Commentary for June 1, 2022:

Iím reasonably certain that Sonicís line in panel 4 is a reference to the novel, ĎSonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimensioní. Good book, that one; Iíd recommend it, if you can get your hands on a copy. It featured the first echidna character in Sonic fiction, Eric the Echidna. Yes, before Knuckles, there was a guy called Eric who showed up for all of one scene and was never heard from again. Maybe I should feature him in Eonís World some time, the way the modern Transformers comics love to do deep cut references to obscure bits of old fiction.

Anyway, talking of Transformers, check out that jet! When I started working on the models Iíd need for this chapter, I assumed the Tornado was going to be the hard one, but I got that done in two days. No, this jet thatís obviously swooping in towards Sonic for a nick-of-time save was the real challenge. Even now Iím not sure Iím totally satisfied with it, but never let perfection be the enemy of good. But whatís this jet got to do with Transformers? Not a lot, really, but the colour scheme is absolutely based on Skywarp.

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