May 31, 2022



Commentary for May 31, 2022:

Iíve probably mentioned this before, but eleven years ago, towards the end of Eonís Comic, is when I first started using SketchUp, and I even experimented a little bit with 3D models on the final page. It had been my plan to continue Eonís Comic after a hiatus back then, but instead I began work on what would become Eonís World Vol. 2 (originally conceived of as a loose continuation of my original series) and the 3D models Iíd started making for Eonís Comic were repurposed for that instead and gradually replaced over time with improved versions in a lot of cases. But had I continued with Eonís Comic some time later in 2011, as Iíd planned, I would probably have been using 3D models for the ships in much the same way as I have been here in this chapter. Scenes like the one on this page were very much the sort of thing I had in mind. I donít regret my decision to not continue Eonís Comic, because the clean break between my original comic and my current one has been for the best, and a decade of practice in SketchUp has paid dividends. But you always wonder about the path untaken, donít you?

Anyway, this scene is right out of the original story told in Eonís Comic #139, although the details have been changed a bit. Originally, the Imperials launched planes of their own; the Tornado took a bad hit, Sonic was knocked off, and Tails was forced to land on the cruiser. The format of Eonís Comic meant a lot of story beats were very abrupt and happened over two or three panels rather than a couple of pages; but the format of Eonís World allows me to put more details into a story (like this scene with Tails trying to disarm the Revenant first in order to escape). Also, it wasnít terribly clear in the original Eonís Comic what resources the Echidna Empire had at this time, whereas for Eonís World Vol. 1, their need for arms and armour has already been showcased on several occasions; I didnít want them to just have fighter planes now, when all weíve seen of their aircraft to date have been a few shuttles. Moreover, the Revenant isnít a big enough ship to carry its own fighter compliment, anyway, so I needed another way for it to capture the Tornado, hence the harpoon.

Iíve always enjoyed harpoons or grapples as a way for a ship to capture an object in sci-fi settings. Usually, a ship will use something like a tractor beam, but the level of tech in Eonís World at this time is not supposed to be that advanced (at least, not on Earth). Hell, cruisers like the Revenant donít even have shields or directed-energy weapons yet.

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