May 24, 2022



Commentary for May 24, 2022:

Part of the point of this chapter was to show that the good guys donít always win. In fact, far too often, in situations like this, the good guys lose, because the bad guys have the money, the power, and the state on their side, and you canít beat that by, as Breezie so eloquently puts it, punching your way through it. But can you ever beat it? Thatís the real question and itís a question weíre not done with yet.

Anyway, if you recognise the creatures found aboard the crashed ship, give yourself a pat on the back. If not, youíre probably less familiar with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise than some of my other readers, and thatís okay. This chapter is largely about setting things up for the future, so youíll find out more about what Breezie has discovered in later chapters.

But for now, this chapter is over. Come back tomorrow for the start of Chapter 38, ĎCome Fly With Meí, where weíll be catching up with Sonic and Tails!

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