April 29, 2022



Commentary for April 29, 2022:

If any of you were jumping up and down wondering where the heck Silverís powers were at during all this, wonder no more. Yes, Silver has his telekinetic powers in Eonís World, like he does in official Sonic fiction. Indeed, in official fiction, heís probably the single most powerful character in the entire canon (although Enerjak can give him a run for his money and did once). I donít know if Silver is quite that powerful in this setting or not, but I shall say no more to avoid spoilers.

In any case, where Kathy breaking CJís sword was very true to the original, Kathy being driven off by CJ and the person he was trying to protect working together is new. In the original 2003 version, another character showed up to give CJ backup and bonked Kathy on the noggin with a quarterstaff. In the 2018 remaster, Zero (from Mega Man Zero -- Iíll explain later) showed up and pointed a gun at her until she left. In no previous instance did Kathyís target do anything but act helpless, but Silver, of course, is not helpless.

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