April 15, 2022



Commentary for April 15, 2022:

So, one of the things I wanted to try out for this season (and maybe going forward if it works) was using 3D models for more background elements. Weve already seen the castle on a couple of earlier pages, but now we have the bridge of this cruiser. Id already made a basic 3D model of the bridge when I made the ship model itself a few weeks before beginning work on this chapter, but I refined it a bit for use here. There was a lot of complex technical stuff I needed to do to get this to work, but I think I did okay. In any case, the external view of the bridge, looking in on Horatio and the crew hes got aboard is basically an evolution of the shots of shuttle cockpits from the end of season 2. Now, a bridge is a big enough space to get an internal view, of course, and I fully intend to show bridge interiors going forwards, but I wanted the exterior shot to make it as obvious as I could that they were on the bridge of the ship now.

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