April 14, 2022



Commentary for April 14, 2022:

I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about making Eon’s outfit (such as it is here) look too much like Antoine’s, but really, they’re both sword boys, so it kind of makes sense for their outfits to be a little similar. Of course, Antoine’s using a sabre, whereas Eon’s using a longsword now. The real difference there is that Antoine’s is a one-handed, single edged sword, whereas Eon’s is a double-edged sword that can be wielded either one or two-handed. In D&D terms (yeah, baby, we’re back here!) Antoine’s more of a rogue using a dex-based weapon, whereas Eon is more of a fighter using a strength-based weapon.

This page took longer than it should have. I miscalculated how visible Nicole’s avatar would be on her screen, so I spent a lot of time working on making some beautiful new sprites of her, only for her to be a tiny pixelly blob, even when zoomed in. Then I had trouble with my art program for the rest of the page, which is making me think it might be time to move on to a new one; but I’m loath to do so, because I’ve been using Paint Shop Pro since 2004 and I know it really well. But I may not have much choice, really. We’ll see.

In any case, those Nicole sprites won’t go to waste, believe you me. I had planned to make a new mobile unit for her, too, but I found that actually, the one I already made was just the right size for these new sprites, really. before I made the new, bigger sprites, I could only make Nicole’s mobile unit so small before it was ridiculously tiny and unusable, and the size I settled on (or rather settled for) made it seem the size of a small laptop. That was all right by me, though, because her mobile unit had often been portrayed as the size of a small laptop in the Archie Sonic comics. But I do prefer the much smaller handheld device size from SatAM that seemed to become fairly standard in Archie Sonic too later on, and the existing sprites just work for that. It’s just a nuisance that Nicole’s face is so tiny on the screen. But we’ll see plenty of her on bigger screens yet.

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