April 12, 2022



Commentary for April 12, 2022:

Part of the purpose of this chapter (this version of the story anyway) is to showcase the difference between the old and new regimes in GUN. Under General Davis, Ballista wouldnít have even been informed that a GUN facility in her country had been attacked and he certainly wouldnít have accepted help from anyone else, especially the Freedom Fighters. But General Timmons is different; she will tell national leaders about attacks in their territories and sheís not too proud to accept help dealing with them. And given that it is still very early in her reign, Timmons is understandably keen to make a strong showing of how different and better GUN is now. Itís also important to remember that the time skip between the end of season 2 and the start of season 3 is only 41 days, so Timmons hasnít been in charge long and, as those soldiers on page 3 discussed, itís still far from certain if her appointment as Supreme Commander is even going to be permanent.

Anyway, thereís the other major named human character I made sprites of well in advance of this chapter! When writing commentaries for the last couple of days, I considered describing Lady Ullswater as a breakout character in Eonís World, particularly here in Vol. 1, and I think she is; but the original breakout character of Eonís World right back to the old days of Eonís Comic has always been Laura Timmons. She went from being a ditzy lackey to overthrowing her old boss and taking his place, becoming one of the most important supporting characters of the entire series back in the day and, while I donít like to brag, I think I knocked it out of the park with her character arc last season of Eonís World Vol. 1. If youíre a fan of hers, donít worry; her story is far from done yet.

But I digress.

I donít think I ever seriously considered putting Timmons in the same style of uniform as Davis, which was based on Commander Abraham Towerís uniform from the Shadow the Hedgehog game and the Archie Sonic comics. But I did want something that was not a complete departure from that. Iíve always enjoyed uniforms that incorporate departmental colours, like in Star Trek, and when I started making my own custom GUN sprites back in the day, one of the first things I did was give them departmental colours. But the Supreme Commander got to wear a unique red uniform and this is what Timmons wore from that point on. To be honest, I donít think it would have worked quite so well with these bigger, more detailed sprites; in fact it would probably just make people think of M. Bison. In any case, at some point I decided to put Timmons in a uniform based on the one worn by Captain Amanda Tower in the Archie comics (minus the hat) and the formal uniform of all GUN officers evolved from there. But Iíll have more to say about that when you see some more GUN soldiers wearing the new uniform later in this chapter.

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