April 6, 2022



Commentary for April 6, 2022:

One of the things that held me up for so long between seasons 2 and 3 was the need to create new human sprites. Humans have always been tricky for me; I used to find them very difficult to draw and I still donít think Iím as good at drawing them as I am at drawing Mobians and the same is true of sprites (although in both cases, I think I am much better at making sprites than I am at drawing). It wasnít until last summer, after Iíd done all of Vol. 2, Chapter 11, that I actually forced myself to sit down and start making the new human sprites. As is often the case with any of these projects, it was less painful than I anticipated, just a real time sink. Full disclosure, I used sprites from Project X Zone as references, but these new sprites of mine are pretty much entirely custom jobs, just like the Mobian sprites. The guns are edited from Project X Zone, but thatís about it. So, naturally, it took a long time to do a complete sprite sheet -- and yes, I do have complete human sprite sheets, more complete than Iíve ever had before, with all the same basic poses as my Mobian characters. Thatís a first for me and Iím pretty proud of the effort.

Anyway, enough about my new sprites for this commentary; I should say something about the story, shouldnít I? The chapter is a remake of the story told in the original Eonís Comic #131 and #132, and itís actually reasonably faithful to original, although I have expanded the story a bit for the sake of characterisation, world-building, and all that good stuff. But there is one significant departure from the original story and that is the title bestowed on Eon here. Originally, this was where he became Lord Eon; he was never knighted in Eonís Comic. The reason for the lordship in the original was because he and Silky were formally betrothed in that story, but coming to the remake I knew immediately that I didnít want to repeat that, because Eon is seventeen and Silky is sixteen at this point; they are simply too young to be getting engaged (and thatís essentially what a betrothal is, after all). So I instead decided to have Eon be knighted here in recognition of his heroism in stories like Chapter 4 and Chapter 25.

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