November 16, 2019


Commentary for November 16, 2019:

This conversation was originally a lot longer. It was actually going to be seven pages of longwinded, meandering exposition, with dramatic flashback sequences showing scenes from the Aparaoid War, the Jedi showing up to fight off raiders, and Corneria's war with the Nyksa'jav. I decided not to bother with any of that, however, and cut it down to a three page chat between Eon and Rosko. This was partially to keep the art straightforward but mostly to cut down on needless exposition so the story can get moving. In Chapter 9, I had a similar scene where Iíd originally planned for lots of dramatic flashback imagery while Kathy was telling a tale about her past, but in the end, I just had a couple of pages of her talking about it without any of that complex imagery.

Now, the self-conscious part of me worries that this comes across as a bit cheap and lazy, but I have to remind myself that this is hard enough work as it is and the more complexity I write into a scene, the harder it becomes to bring it to life on the page. Moreover, I decided to take a leaf out of Games of Thronesí book, where characters will often sit down and have conversations where they exposit about something that happened years earlier and all we see are the characters talking about it and their reactions to it. Thereís no cutaways, no flashbacks, just characters talking. And itís enough. I hope itís enough here, too, because if I tried to make scenes like this flashback city, Iíd never get this chapter done.

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