April 6, 2019


Commentary for April 6, 2019:

It was kind of a joke early on in the days of Ye Olde Eonís Comice that Kathy had a bit of a crush on CJ, born out of their initial rivalry, but I never really went anywhere with it in the overall story. Until now, I guess. Was it worth the wait? Since becoming friends, Kathy has always cared about CJ, probably a lot more than she cares about anyone else on Earth (or anywhere, for that matter), but itís always been more of a friendship than an attraction. That said, like Kathy says, she probably wouldnít have said no, if it had ever been on the table. Which, of course, it never was. But could you blame a girl for thinking CJís cute, especially when he can pull such an adorable embarrassed anime face like that?

Talking of which, that was a bit of an experiment. Thus far, Iíve not done anything like it before. The closest Iíve done is that anime forehead vein (I believe on Knuckles in particular), but Iíve never gone into full on anime abstraction like this. I think it worked, so you might be seeing more of that. A lot of this chapter (for me, at least) has been about experimenting with new artistic techniques, and I think itís been successful overall.

Is it just me or did it get dark really fast? Yeah, I suppose so, although itís still more of a twilight than night. Should that many stars be visible so soon after sunset? Eh, they look neat... and theyíre astronomically accurate for the time and season, too. (I mean, not adjusted for fifty thousand years in the future, mind you, but I couldn't find any resoirces to give me that information.)

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