April 10, 2019


Commentary for April 10, 2019:

And from that night onwards, Katherine Elm and Serena Darkstorm were friends. Seriously, though, Serena had never been Kathyís biggest fan and Kathy didnít think much of Serena either. So, this is a bit of growth for both of them.

And with that, the current chapter of Eonís World Vol. 2 comes to a close. When Vol. 2 returns, weíll be picking up the story from where we left Eon, Delta, and the crew of the Invincible in Lylat, to continue their search for the missing explorer ship, Discovery.

However, it will be a few months before Chapter 10 starts. In the meantime, I will be beginning work on a complete remake of Eon's Comic, which will more-or-less re-tell the original story (albeit with some alterations), beginning with the hitherto untold story of how Eon and Silky first met. I tried to ďremasterĒ Vol. 1 last year, but I quickly realised there was no quick way to do it and as I went on, it was only going to get harder to do, because of the various visual effects I started using and could not edit around. So, bearing in mind that this will be a years long, ongoing project, Iíve decided to go all out and make Vol. 1 not only look and read better, but also be generally more accessible. It will still be a sprite comic, because re-creating Vol. 1 in the style of Vol. 2 would be a Sisyphean task, which would leave me no time to work on Vol. 2 anyway. And besides, Vol. 1 was a sprite comic. While I may be reformatting it to be clearer and have no more tiny panels crammed with tiny text that you have to squint to read, Iím not interested in sweeping the fact that I spent eight years between 2002 and 2010 working on a sprite comic completely under the rug.

So thatís going to begin more-or-less immediately, meaning there will still be Eonís World content coming at you while you wait for Chapter 10. But donít worry. You wonít have to wait nearly as long as youíve had to wait between previous chapters. It is my intent to have at least Chapter 10 done this year and possibly Chapter 11, too. Weíll see how things go. But come back Saturday for a brand new two-page prologue to Eon's World Vol. 1, and then on Monday, the story really starts!

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