April 3, 2019


Commentary for April 03, 2019:

What is it with me and sunsets anyway? Seriously, this is three chapters in a row Iíve now ended with a sunset. However, this one is easily the most challenging, as itís not just one panel. Itís multiple panels over three pages (this and the next two), with shots in multiple directions and with the light gradually fading as the sun goes down. So I took the time to study pictures of the evening sky from multiple directions to try and get the colours of the sky, the clouds, and the horizon reasonably close to reality. And when the stars come on the next page? Well, wait until Saturday and youíll see.

But why all the sunsets? Well, as sunset comes at the end of the day, thereís some symbolism in putting one at the end of a story, I guess? Honestly, though, I just really like sunsets. During the summer (when this story is set, as you may recall from the date on page 2), I love taking a walk down by the river to watch the sunset here. Iím looking forward to doing that again this coming summer.

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