March 23, 2019


Commentary for March 23, 2019:

Okay, so the cockpit of the presidential starship is pretty heavily inspired by Elite Dangerous, a space flight simulator that I’ve been playing for a couple of years now. In fact, a great deal of the space vehicles in Eon’s World as of Chapter 8 are heavily inspired by the ships in that game. They’re really nice designs, after all. But nowhere is the inspiration greater, really, than the cockpit chairs, which are very heavily based on the ones from Elite. What can I say? It’s a cool chair design.

Anyway, Izumiya’s looking pretty rough, isn’t she? Well, after taking a laser blast that would probably have destroyed anything the size of a shuttlecraft instantly, I should jolly well think so. Now, I was hit with some fridge logic while working on this page. Izumiya can survive being shot by a laser that would have disintegrated a Terran, but earlier she went down after one jab from an electro-spear? How is that consistent?

Well, on the surface, it’s really not. But if she was in final boss mode in the first act, we’d have had a full party wipe on our hands. So, I needed to contrive some way to incapacitate her long enough for there to actually be a story. Now, retrospectively, I can say that she wasn’t expecting a jab in the back from that guardsman who had stealthily positioned himself behind her while Captain Blackpaw occupied her attention. So, essentially, that guard rolled with advantage and got a natural 20, to put it in D&D terms. Moreover, Izumiya did not expect these primitives’ weapons to be any threat to her, so her guard was down. This time, however, she knows they can hurt her, so all of her defences (including warding spells) are up. If someone tried to jab her with an electro-spear now, it wouldn’t even tickle her.

There! Plothole officially plugged!

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