March 20, 2019


Commentary for March 20, 2019:

In the original draft of the script for Chapter 9, Sally’s ship was just meant to be a relatively small personnel shuttle, only slightly bigger to the ones used in Chapter 8, but still small enough to, say, land aboard an Invincible class cruiser. However, when I started making the actual model in SketchUp, I quickly realised that Sally’s ship was going to be something a lot bigger. So I decided to make a fully fledged presidential starship. It has everything. It has a conference room. It has executive quarters. It has a galley. It has a gym. It has a car garage. It has a freakin’ hot tub! And, of course, it has escape pods, not to mention a small arsenal with enough firepower to go toe-to-toe with the average frigate. Hey, space is dangerous, after all, so the President of the Terran Union has to be well protected.

Talking of firepower, Izumiya just took a blast from a laser designed to destroy military grade spacecraft and she’s still alive. Any Terran would’ve been instantly disintegrated by such a blast, so that ought to give you some indication of just how tough Alatárans are. They are very hard to kill.

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