Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

Another page Iím really heckiní proud of. My only regrets are that I couldnít get the entire bridge crew in shot in panel 1 -- it would have been good to show Captain Fennecís XO, Commander Forrest at the tactical station (on Fennecís right) -- and I also think the ďgoing to warpĒ effect in panel 5 needs some refinement going forwards. But Iím otherwise very satisfied with this page.

Crewmen returning from previous chapters of Eonís World Vol. 2 include Lieutenant Nevius at the helm and Lieutenant Hayes at communications. Chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Hieronymus, who originally appeared in Eon's Comic, makes his Eon's World debut in panel 4. The rest of the crew are all new characters and, while they wonít necessarily be fleshed out in this story arc, I do have names for them all and I know what their roles on the ship are.

Fennecís line, ďThe Terran Union expects that everyone will do their dutyĒ is a reference to Lord Nelsonís famous signal from the Battle of Trafalgar, ďEngland expects that every man will do his dutyĒ. Of course, Fennecís version is a lot more inclusive than Nelsonís. This is not the first time Fennecís said something like this either. It was a bit of a go-to for him when setting off on a mission Eonís Comic, too [and will be again in Eon's World Vol. 1].

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