Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

I know I said I hadnít done much to change the briefing room, and itís true. But working on these pages has made me consider it. Itís a big room, with a big table and doing shots of characters sat all around it is tricky, to say nothing of fitting in all their dialogue. I had to re-jig the word balloons on both this page and the previous one to make it easier to follow the conversation, without anyoneís face being hidden. Making comics is fun, but it ainít half tricky.

Anyway, this page finally establishes what some long-time readers may have been wondering up until now. Who the heck won the presidential election that was coming up during the first story arc in chapters 1 through 7? We knew there three candidates, but it realistically only came down to two of them: Harry Neverman of the Conservatives and Sally Acorn of the Progressives. We never really got a chance to look in on the Acorn campaign, but we got a good (or rather, bad) taste of Nevermanís in Chapter 3, where he was pretty convinced he had the election in the bag.

Oh, oops! Looks like he was wrong. [Badly wrong because, insider knowledge, the Conservatives came in third place in the elections -- a very distant third. They're basically done at this point and will not be returning to power. Ever. This is now an optimistic future where the politics of greed, selfishness, and fear are a thing of the past. Eon's World Vol. 1 will still be tackling the nasty and cruel side of politics, because it's set during the eight years prior to Vol. 2, but Vol. 2 itself will be dealing with other themes going forwards now.]

Sallyís come a long way from her days as a Freedom Fighter, ne?

I did consider having President Acorn make an appearance in this chapter, but I didnít think it was necessary for her to attend this briefing. Heads of state have busy schedules and they donít need to personally sign off on every single military assignment. A rescue mission like this is something Sally Acorn would, I think, take a interest in; but itís something she can leave in the hands of the military, rather than personally giving the orders. Donít worry, Sally fans. Sheís going to be in Chapter 9.

(For the record, Sally Acornís inclusion as a regular character in Eonís World is part of a major retcon to the series, following an incident over the summer in which it became necessary for me to remove a long established OC. Thatís also part of why I canít just upload all the old Eon's Comic without remastering [or rather, remaking] them, because I need to replace that OC with Sally and adjust the story accordingly. [I did pretty well with the first 150 pages of the remaster, which saw Sally right the way through to being elected President of Meridia, but in the end, I decided I might as well just remake the whole thing, which is what Eon's World Vol. 1 is for.] Iím just thankful the OC who Sally has now replaced only made two very small appearances in Vol. 2, both of which were easily revised.)

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