August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 4, 2020:

Sometimes, you have to do a bad thing to prevent a worse thing from happening. Some people will say, in cases like that, that the lesser evil is the greatest good and that itís actually the right thing to do, when the only alternative is a greater evil. I donít agree. Thereís a first season episode of Babylon 5, ĎThe Quality of Mercyí whose ending inspired this very scene here. After a doctor uses an alien device to kill a murderer who was threatening her daughter, security chief Garibaldi tells her that he thinks she did the right thing, to which she responds that what she did was necessary, not right.

Eon did what he had to do in the moment, but that doesnít mean what he did was right, just necessary. The fact that his actions prevented something worse from happening doesnít make what he did any less wrong. Moreover, his actions should not have even been necessary. The Echidna Empire should not have waged a war of conquest, occupied Angel Island, or made genetically engineered cyborg super soldiers. Eonís actions arose in response to their wrongdoing and should never have been necessary. The whole situation was wrong. This is why I will happily say things like killing is always wrong, war is always wrong, a Jedi mind probe is always wrong; but sometimes, any of these things may be necessary if the alternative is something worse.

Peopleís lives were on the line. Eon acted, risking the mental health of one man by violating his mind to save hundreds. Yes, it can be excused under the circumstances, but it was still wrong. At least, thatís Eonís take on it and I agree with him on this.

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