August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 4, 2020:

I have to admit, writing Fitzpatrick out of the story less than halfway through the chapter due to an injury feels kind of cheap on reflection. Sure, it happens, and in stories like Game of Thrones, a lot of characters have ambitions that go unfulfilled or end tragically or unceremoniously. Sometimes, thatís just life, and itís even kind of a war story trope -- the overly eager soldier champing at the bit to storm the Normandy beaches being the first to take a bullet in the head the minute the boat lands. Then again, Fitz isnít a rookie. Obviously, I didnít kill him; I just broke his leg, so he can always return and I wanted to leave open that possibility with the invitation heís received from Sally Acorn here.

Talking of which, in the original version of this page, panel 2 was not nearly as tightly zoomed in on the computer screen as it is now, and that made the text of the email a lot harder to read. I always wanted to fix that somehow, but it only occurred to me that I could literally just zoom in on it while doing these alterations. And what do you know? A much more legible message now. (And yes, the ďAĒ in ďSally A. AcornĒ stands for ďAliciaĒ, which was established in SatAM to be Sallyís middle name. Iíve opted for that be the case in Eonís World, too.)

So we may be seeing more of Fitz, yet. Like I said in an earlier commentary, I like Fitz. I donít agree with what he was involved in this season, but he is a character Iíve written to be likeable and maybe even sympathised with. However, General Kochanski is not. Ballista is being very diplomatic in her speech, because she needs to be, but I do not have any sympathy for Kochanski. He sided with bad people for bad reasons and they betrayed him. He got what he deserved. Now, in the original script, Ballista described him as a patriot. I dropped that word from this version of the script because I donít think patriotism is actually a laudable quality and I donít want it to ever be promoted as a virtue by Eonís World; patriotism leads all to easily to nationalism, after all, which is incredibly dangerous and destructive. Wanting whatís best for your country because itís where you and your friends and family live is one thing; but pride, love, and loyalty to the arbitrarily determined political jurisdiction you just happened to be born within seems kind of silly to me, especially given how easily abused it is by demagogues. But I digress. Will we be seeing Kochanski again? Possibly. I do have an idea for him, too, so weíll see.

However, this will definitely not be the last time we see Knuckles in Eonís World Vol. 2. But it may be a while before we see him again. Like Kari-Ya, his story is done for now, but he will get to be part of another before this is all over... I say as I have any notion of when or how this series will eventually end.

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