August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 4, 2020:

To this day, the script to Eon’s World Vol. 2, Chapter 7: ‘Dark Legacy’, when it reaches the second panel of page 29, reads, “Kari-Ya’s forearms open to reveal her hidden light-sabres Princess Sally style!” In late 2015/early 2016, when I first wrote the script to this chapter, the excellent old Archie Sonic comic was still ongoing, and was about three years into the run of its rebooted continuity, which, alas, we barely got to know before the book’s untimely cancellation about a year later. In any case, I was quite enamoured with Princess Sally’s ringblades, which are these neat blue bracelets she wears that can project a kind of hard-light hologram in the shape of blades, shields, etc. Usually blades, though.

At this time, I had no plans to feature Sally in Eon’s World; the SatAM Sally had made a couple of appearances in Eon’s Comic due to interdimensional shenanigans, which I mentioned previously, but I was seriously considering retconning all of that out for Eon’s World, and that’s something that’ll come up again towards the end of this chapter. Nevertheless, I wanted there to be a bit of a homage to Archie Sonic, because reading through it in late 2013/early 2014 had been a great source of inspiration to me, helping me to actually get any of this comic done. Not to mention, hidden lightsabres in her cybernetic arms is pretty metal.

But given that Sally is now a part of Eon’s World, thanks to decisions I made in 2018 and her appearances in Vol. 2, Chapter 9 last year and throughout Vol. 1 now, where she will indeed be getting her ringblades very soon (spoilers), I guess things have come full circle now, haven’t they? I was even tempted to add a line to this page where Eon acknowledges the similarity between Kari-Ya’s hidden blades and Sally’s ringblades, but it just didn’t fit with the tone or the momentum of the scene.

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