August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 2, 2020:

I have a vivid recollection of working on this page during a Pathfinder session over Skype with some friends. I think it was the final session in a campaign weíd been playing for about a year and it involved stopping a dark elf woman from destroying the world with some kind of time anomaly, or something. I was playing a kitsune rogue/magus and had no idea what I was doing, which made the experience a lot less fun than it should have been and, sadly, I donít recall many of the other details, as I was in a very bad mental health space at the time. I just remember half listening to what our GM was saying while trying desperately to get panel 4 done.

In any case, if I recall correctly, having the Imperials cut off the forces already on Angel Island from any additional support was of the utmost importance to me when writing the script. Having access to basically all the reinforcements they could need would mean the good guys have basically won the instant they opened the portal, even if the initial strike force fails. If itís purely a numbers game, the Echidna Empire is woefully outmatched right now. So I had to take away the good guysí advantage immediately to create that sense of urgency and real peril for the world. Itís just basic storytelling, ne? Also, if the Imperials can take away the enemyís advantage, of course they would. They want to win, after all, and that means holding off the enemy until their army is ready.

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