August 26, 2017


Commentary for January 18, 2020:

As I recall, this was a very fun page to both write in the original script and to finally bring to life on the page. Iím still pretty pleased with it, too. But one thing that bugs me is Thoronir. I have no idea whatís up with his face on this page. Thankfully, itís just this page that has weird Thoronir face.

Fun fact, the Huntress class scout ships were originally armed with ďphase cannonsĒ (i.e. phasers), which were supposed to be super powerful particle beams. There were a lot of different influences that went into the weapons of Eonís World -- Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, etc. -- and some of the rule systems contradicted one another (for instance, shields don't work against lasers in Mass Effect, whereas in Star Trek, lasers don't work against shields), so by the time of this chapter, I wasnít wholly sure what kind of weapons ships were supposed to be using anymore. But not long after first creating this page, I started playing Elite Dangerous, whose weapons system I found fairly straightforward. So I decided to essentially base the weapons of Eonís World on those youíd find in Elite Dangerous. So, the Huntress class scout ship, like the Olympian here, is typically armed with three pulse laser turrets and a couple of missile launchers.

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