May 24, 2014


Commentary for May 24, 2014:

Okay, now you can see the distortion effect used to create screens in the background on this page. Good, ne? And thanks to discovering how to do it in Paint Shop Pro, it means I won't have to go through the hassle of figuring out how to make anything work in Photoshop. Well, the next couple of pages have better examples, but still!

Peace. Peace is complicated. Even decades later, there's still hatred and resentment between nations that were once at war. Look at the attitude a lot of Britons have towards Germany, or even France who we've been allies with for well over a century -- and we're all three of us members of the European Union. Hell, I even saw a party political broadcast some years ago featuring an old man complaining about how he fought against Germany in the war and thought that was reason to never be in any kind of union with them. Ever. So, only a few months after the Earth-Mars War, it shouldn't surprise anyone that there's still resentment between former belligerents. The question is, will they ever get over it...?

Also, drawing Liz Wildman (the Jovian ferret with red hair) facepalming was fun.

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