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As you can see, finding the distort tool was an absolute must for this page (and the next few really -- any page with monitor displays of any kind needed it). I'm pretty satisfied with this page, except for the final panel. There's just something off about Fairchild in that panel. Still, practice, practice, practice. Looking back at my work from only a year ago, I think I've made huge improvements.

Also, I think some RL politics may have slipped in subconsciously in the first panel. Certainly about unions being better together. I make no secret of the fact that I am a unionist where Great Britain is concerned, and I did think about re-writing Ballista's dialogue there to straight up use the phrase "better together" rather than "better and stronger together", but that might have been a bit too anvilicious. I'm trying to avoid that kind of thing in this run. No, I'm not avoiding politics altogether, nor am I going to treat the political right as if it has a valid perspective (unless it's a situation where I genuinely think it does -- not that I can think of many examples of that), but I'd like the politics of this comic to be more subtle than they were before.

Finally, all the info about Titan is, as far as we know to this point, accurate! Yay, Wikipedia! The graphic on the table also contains info about Titan, not that you can see it. So, here:

Commentary for May 31, 2014


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