May 17, 2014


Commentary for May 17, 2014:

I think I still need to work on my technique for cityscapes like in panel 1, but it's mostly the lines I'm not totally happy with. Also, that blue thread behind Central Command is meant to be a river, but I couldn't quite figure out a way to create a convincingly reflective surface. Again, I'll need to work on that. In any case, I'm pleased with how Central Command turned out in the end. It's kind of a mix of the original sprite of the building, the Pentagon in the real world's Arlington, Virginia, and S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also, I finally discovered how to deform images so that I can create monitor displays with this page.

I thought about changing Ballista's colour to a more subdued pink than her sprites back in Eon's Comic or the remake, Eon's World Vol. 1 (where you can, in fact, see Ballista in Chapter 12), but in the end, I decided against it and kept her hot pink. I don't need to retcon everything, do I?

Addendum for November 11, 2019:

In order to bring the format of the earlier chapters into line with Chapter 7 onwards, Iíve made an updated version of this page, which is larger, with clearer text. Hopefully, this will make the earlier chapters easier to read.

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