August 14, 2021



Commentary for August 14, 2021:

Yep. If Doctor Eggman is back, then naturally that means Sonic the Hedgehog is back, too. But we wonít really get to catch up with him until after Chapter 12, which will be resuming the story began in Chapters 8 and 10, which I hope will be online some time in 2022.

Now, I wonít lie, this chapter was hard work and, at times, I honestly felt like rage quitting just over how long it was taking. Some pages took the better part of a week to complete and halfway through the process, I seriously started entertaining the notion of just continuing the story as a sprite comic like Vol. 1, because Iíll get it done a lot faster that way. That option isnít off the table yet either. While I am very proud of the work Iíve done, I am constantly frustrated by how slow it is. In eight years, Iíve only managed to complete eleven chapters of Vol. 2, whereas in the less two years since I started Vol. 1, Iíve done 34 chapters. Yes, sprites have their limitations, but Iím honestly better at making them than I am at drawing and I will be able to tell the story I want to tell a lot faster as a sprite than as this. Now I havenít decided this yet, but I am leaning heavily towards it. Either way, Chapter 12 at least will be done in this format, but it may be the final chapter of Eonís World Vol. 2. If I switch to a sprite comic to continue to the story, thatís probably going to be Vol. 3. But weíll cross that bridge when we come to it.

But enough of that. Hereís Sonic, for all of one page! Yeah, I gave him separated eyes like he has in the movie from last year, and that is honestly because I had been planning to do that since 2016. Like Blaze and Marine, I did a doodle of Sonic while I was bored at work back in 2016 and in that pic, I experimented with nixing Sonicís infamous mono-eye that makes less and less sense the more you think about it. Some fans hate it when Sonicís presented this way, but I prefer it and this is how he will appear from now on in Eonís World (yes, even in Vol. 1; more of that shortly). I didnít do much else to change Sonicís look, though. I had considered it, but I didnít want to veer too far from the source material with this guy. At least, not yet. the beauty of fanart is I can give characters new looks all the time. Heck, Eon and Delta have gone through a couple of major wardrobe changes, after all, and I fully intend to mess around more with that sort of thing going forward. Iíve already got ideas for Eggmanís next outfit that Iím looking forward to experimenting with.

Anyway, this page was a story of two halves. The first three panels canít have taken more than a couple of hours to complete, given how straightforward they are. Sonic relaxing on a beach chair under a parasol, by the way, was very much a deliberate homage to the Sonic the Hedgehog OAV from 1996; indeed, the shades heís wearing are based on the type he was wearing in the film. But I digress. That final panel was a lot more trouble. The artwork itself wasnít too challenging (except for getting Sonicís head and quills right, which Iím still not sure I quite managed), but I found myself fighting against Paint Shop Pro, which began refusing to let me save or even alter the art in any way because it was ostensibly using up too much memory. That last panel is huge and four times larger in the actual PSP file (I digitally draw everything huge and then scale it down to smooth out the edges) and PSP evidently doesnít like working at that scale. Fortunately, I didnít lose any significant progress when I had to restart my whole computer to get it to cooperate, but it meant finishing the panel was a fairly harrowing experience. But itís done now and thatís Chapter 11 done, too.

So whatís next? Well, the next Eonís World content you will be getting is going to be season 3 of Vol. 1, which picks up the story from where Chapter 34 left off. When will that be? The honest answer is I donít know, but I am hoping to begin no later than the start of October. At the time youíre reading this, Iíve already written the script for Chapter 35 and hope to get on with the artwork soon, although there is a little bit of pre-production that I need to do yet. Ideally, new pages will start going online earlier than planned, but if you want to make sure you catch Eonís World Vol. 1, Chapter 35 when it does begin, be sure to follow me on Twitter or DeviantART. I hope youíve enjoyed this latest chapter and I look forward to bringing you more Eonís World soon!

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