August 11, 2021



Commentary for August 11, 2021:

This was a page I was kind of dreading, because of the sheer amount of detail that was required for that final panel. And, indeed, it did take me an entire day to complete that panel. That being said, it wasnít nearly as much of a slog as Iíd feared, and I actually completed this page in a mere four days, which is a lot quicker than some of the other recent pages.

Anyway, weíre back at TUF Central Command on Earth with who is arguably the breakout character of the recent second season of Eonís World Vol. 1, Laura Timmons. Iíve said a lot about General Timmons in the commentaries to season 2 of Vol. 1, so I shanít go over all that again here. But I will say that Iíve been a little annoyed at myself that I havenít given her much screentime in Vol. 2. She is a hugely important character, after all; sheís the commander of the entire Terran United Forces and she played a major role throughout Eonís Comic, and will do so again in Eonís World Vol. 1. But sheís had vanishingly little to do so far here in Vol. 2. Although she appeared at the briefing in Chapter 4, she had exactly one line in the entire season! If I ever remade season 1 (spoilers: I wonít), I think Iíd definitely change that. In any case, going forwards, I do hope to include a lot more of her in the story of Eonís World Vol. 2. Sheís one of my oldest OCís and she is precious to me.

Oh yeah, Iíd be remiss if I didnít acknowledge that the Colonel in panel 3 is based on the avatar from the Sonic Forces trailers. Thereís no significance to that, itís just a neat Easter egg for Sonic fans. Enjoy!

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