August 7, 2021



Commentary for August 7, 2021:

Although her appearance in the Archie Sonic comic was brief, Clove left an impression on me. She always struck me as a very practical sort, the kind of person who knows when to step back from a situation, rather than doggedly ploughing ahead, heedless of the consequences. And this greatly contrasts with Doctor Eggman’s impulsiveness.

I made a D&D joke in the Deviant Art comments to a previous page of this chapter, saying “Eggman rolled an 18 in Intelligence and a 3 in Wisdom,” and I think that’s a good way of looking at how he makes some of the choices he does. He’s an unparalleled genius, who can design and build incredible machines like the Death Egg and an engine to transport him instantly to the other side of the galaxy to boot. But does he stop to assess the damage his ship has taken and consider whether or not right now is the opportune moment to return to Earth, a planet he knows full well is defended by a capable fleet? He’s very intelligent, no questions asked, but he’s not remotely wise. I guess we’ll see where that lands him and everyone he’s taking back to Earth with him in Chapter 13, though...

But don’t worry, this chapter’s not quite over yet. We still have two more pages and two more people to look in on before the big “to be continued”.

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