July 21, 2021



Commentary for July 21, 2021:

My design of the Death Eggís bridge is loosely based on its portrayal in the Archie Sonic comics. A notable difference is that Eggman has an actual chair here, whereas in the Archie series, his Egg Mobile would land in a slot in the middle of the room, but what I wanted was for there to be some crew manning the consoles right in front of the main screen, but up until this page I hadnít really managed to set up any shots that would show that Clove isnít the only minion working on the bridge. There are actually supposed to be like four crewmen at consoles in front of her. But hey, if you donít show this stuff on the page, it might as well not exist. So getting at least one of them into shot here was a big deal. To me at least.

Anyway, I donít have a great deal else to say about this page. It took a lot longer to complete than Iíd hoped and I am thoroughly exhausted after finishing it. I wish I could get these pages done faster, but it is just not a realistic expectation any longer. So donít expect more than one chapter a year at most, Iím afraid.  

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