July 17, 2021



Commentary for July 17, 2021:

I like to write Doctor Eggman as a very clever villain with a lot of elaborate plans and contingencies, making him a genuine and serious threat, a bit like how he was in the Archie Sonic comics, rather than a bumbling oaf who is usually the cause his own downfall, which I feel is kind of how heís being written in the games and even the IDW comics these days. But I also like to write him as arrogant, impulsive, and quick-tempered, often acting without fully thinking things through. Like unleashing the power of the Sol Emeralds on their guardian, the one person in all the world who can personally use and control that power. Just to, you know, make the subtext here text.

Anyway, hereís Blaze! Finally! And boy howdy, I am very satisfied with the redesign I gave her. Like Marine, who I talked about on Wednesday, I drew a sketch of Blaze five years ago while bored at work to brainstorm an updated design for if she showed up in Eonís World. But unlike Marine, itís not the design I ultimately went with. It was cute, but it looked more like she going out for a night on the town than she was a badass princess who is almost as fast as Sonic and has incredible flame powers at her command. So I kinda winged it and designed her outfit while drawing this page, but I knew what I wanted. Her armour here is loosely based on Go Go Tomagoís outfit in the 2014 Disney film, Big Hero 6, particularly the chest piece and shin guards, while the long and flowing coat is a call-back to her official design with a bit of a Freedom Planet 2 flourish thrown in for good measure. I was very excited to draw Blaze for this page and I am very pleased with how she turned out. I havenít drawn her often and Iíve been disappointed when I have done, but on this page, I can finally say I feel Iíve done a good job drawing Blaze the Cat. (Oh yes, following on from listing Marineís age on Wednesday, I should point out that Blaze here is twenty-five.)

Now, I said ďifĒ Blaze showed up in Eonís World, because it was never a certainty, at least not before 2018. In the original Eonís Comic, the world Eggman got disappeared to for a number of years before making his big comeback was actually a parallel universe version of Earth based on SatAMís Mobius. If things had gone the way Iíd originally planned more than a decade ago, itíd be the SatAM Freedom Fighters going up against Eggman right now. Indeed, right up until the summer of 2018, I still wasnít certain that wasnít going to be the case. It was only when I needed to remove a former friendís OC from Eonís World and replaced them with a reimagined Sally Acorn that I closed that door forever and committed to the idea of Eggman actually being stranded on Blazeís world. But that idea had also occurred to me ten years ago, to retcon where Eggman was sent completely, remove the SatAM characters, and have it be Blaze and Marine and their friends and allies instead who had been fighting Eggman all this time. So thatís why I was drawing characters like Blaze and Marine while bored at work five years ago, because this idea had been rattling around in my head all that time. In the end, of course, I was able to have my cake and eat it, too, by making the Freedom Fighters regular characters and banishing Eggman to Blazeís world. Iím glad I made that choice in the end, and glad I merged Blazeís world with Freedom Planetís Avalice. I think the story is better and the setting is richer for these changes.

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