July 14, 2021



Commentary for July 14, 2021:

This whole scene is kind of where the story really starts in this chapter. Honestly, I could have just told a story set entirely on Avalice with no look-in on Earth at all. In fact, I think thatís what Iíd originally planned with this story. I guess splitting up the Discovery Saga into three parts and certain developments in Chapter 10 justified the previous scenes featuring Sally, and having her contact Tails about her efforts to reopen a portal to Avalice made for a good segue back to here. But if Iíd done the Discovery Saga as a single chapter, like I originally planned, this one could have been quite different. Donít get it twisted, though, I am very pleased with the two previous scenes featuring Sally and Tails.

But theyíre not on this page, Marine the Raccoon is! So, a note on chronology first; Marine is eighteen years old here. For Eonís World, the official ages of Sega characters are how old they were in the year 3231, which is when the classic MegaDrive games took place in this setting. It is currently the year 3242, so every Sega character is now eleven years older than their official ages, Marineís being seven. That said, Marine isnít all that different here, personality-wise. She still fancies herself as a swashbuckling hero and shipsí captain. Heck, she may well consider herself an admiral at this point, given sheís commanding a small fleet. Now, as for her redesign, itís very minimalist, because Iím not a big fan of over-engineered character designs. I kept her outfit simple and evocative of her official design, with a few extra flourishes, like the bandana, the cutlass, and the seashell necklace. Fun fact: I drew this design while bored at my terrible old call centre job five years ago and I didnít really change anything about her design from that old sketch, because there really wasnít anything I felt needed changing.

The other characters whoíve been somewhat relegated to the background of that first panel (because, letís face it, Marine loves to steal the spotlight) are, of course, Freedom Planetís big three; Carol Tea the wildcat on the wheel, Sash Lilac the water dragon hybrid next to her, and Milla Basset the hound behind them. I went with their designs from Freedom Planet 2, where they all appear to be a few years older than in the original game (though Iím not sure by how much). Of course, at the time of writing this, Freedom Planet 2 is still in development; but Iíve played the demo and I am excited for the full release when it comes, which hopefully will be soon.

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