July 10, 2021



Commentary for July 10, 2021:

So, can I share a secret with you? No? Too bad, Iím going to anyway. I love airships. The real kind and the fantasy kind. The Mummy Returns is a better film than The Mummy because it has an airship in it. The best part of the 2011 Three Musketeers film is the airships! Airships are my favourite thing in steampunk... well, that and the goggles... actually the entire fashion aesthetic is pretty dope, really. But airships! Fantasy airships! I want to run a D&D campaign with airships in it some day (spoilers for my players, at least one of whom I know is reading this). Airships are just cool. And thatís why there are airships in this chapter. Thatís why there are airships about to have an aerial battle with the Death Egg! Youíre welcome.

Now for the in-universe justification (because ďI just think theyíre neatĒ isnít enough, probably). Blazeís world is supposed to be less technologically advanced than Sonicís. Official art on Segaís Twitter has even shown a wooden sailing ship in the background of a shot of Blaze at her palace. Of course, Avalice has more advanced tech than wooden sailing ships, but I think itís still conceivable that it has less advanced tech than Earth/Mobius in this setting. I donít imagine Avalice as having space travel, at least nowhere near as advanced as Earthís. (Freedom Planet fans will recall that, while Brevon had a spaceship, he was an alien, not from Avalice.) Of course, we also see airships in Freedom Planet, too; thereís a whole stage where you fight a fleet of airships. So thatís all the justification I really need for this. That said, I wanted these airships to look vaguely similar to the various watercraft Tails builds in Sonic Rush Adventure, to look like they may be a natural evolution of the technology several years hence. So maybe itís a merging of the same tech that went into the Ocean Tornado (which, spoilers, is definitely canon in Eonís World and will appear in Vol. 1; indeed, I know exactly when, too) and the airships we see in Freedom Planet. Although, those werenít dirigibles...

Yeah, my lore justification is flimsy. What of it? Airships are cool and I like them and thatís why theyíre in this chapter. Come at me, bro!

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