July 3, 2021



Commentary for July 3, 2021:

I feel like any time I draw something like panel 1, itís an experiment. Especially with that sunset. But I think it worked. Anyway, thatís the Death Egg, as any Sonic the Hedgehog fan will immediately recognise. We last saw it along with Doctor Eggman at the end of Chapter 7, over a year ago now in the comicís time (closer to four years ago in actual time; I am sorry this takes me so long). Eggman himself needs no introduction, but who are the rest of the characters here?

Well, first of all, we have Mayor Zao, one of the major NPCís in Freedom Planet. As a reminder, in Eonís World, Iíve merged Blaze the Catís unnamed homeworld with the planet Avalice from Freedom Planet, which is why Freedom Planet characters show up there. Essentially, it was a way of adding a bit more lore and points of interest to Blazeís world. Her homeland, the Sol Empire is only a small part of that world. Other nations, including the three kingdoms from Freedom Planet can also be found there and the city state of Shang Mu, which Mayor Zao is the ďelectedĒ leader of, is one of them.

As for the others, folks who read the Archie Sonic comic (post reboot anyways) may recognise them as some of Eggmanís lackeys. They were known as the Egg Bosses and there were originally twelve of them. Full disclosure, but I havenít actually settled on which of them I plan to include in Eonís World yet, but the ones shown here Thunderbolt (in the power armour) and the Pronghorn sisters, Clove and Cassia. I wonít go into detail about any of them here, as this chapter will reveal some of the basics of how Iíve reimagined them for Eonís World and anything beyond that, Iíd like to come out in the storytelling. What matters here is that theyíre characters I enjoyed, and who weíll likely never see again in any official Sonic media, so Iíd like them to live on at least in fanfiction.

Oh yes, Iíd be remiss if I neglected to mention that some of the frightened citizens of Shang Mu shown in panel 2 are based on supporting characters from Sonic Boom. With one major exception (and I bet you can guess who), it is unlikely that any Sonic Boom characters will ever have an actual role in Eonís World, so I figured itíd be nice to give some of them a cameo like this now and then.

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