June 9, 2021



Commentary for June 9, 2021:

Okay, so by now it should be obvious that we are on Blazee the Catís homeworld right now. This is the Sol Temple and these neíer-do-wells, whomever they are, are here to steal the Sol Emeralds. Now, readers with keen eyes may have already guessed this, given that the guards here are dressed in the same uniforms as the guards at the Sol Temple in Vol. 1, Chapter 22. Of course, thereís a big difference between Sonic Advance style sprites and a hand drawn character, digitally inked and coloured, so no worries if you didnít make this connection.

This was actually my first time drawing Gardon (the koala leading the temple guards) as anything more than a basic sketch. I updated his outfit a little from how he appears in Sonic Rush Adventure, since this takes place quite a few years after those events (well, their Eonís World equivalent anyway), so I wanted some visual cues that this is the future, at least relatively speaking. I think my one issue here is that I may not have made Gardon short enough. Something to work on, though, eh?

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