November 13, 2019


Commentary for November 13, 2019:

I feel rather negligent, as I didnít write the commentary for this page as soon as Iíd finished it, which is what I usually do, because that way a) itís done and b) itís fresh in my mind so I can talk about any issues or fun facts about the artistic process that might be interesting to readers. Instead, Iím writing this commentary after finishing the next page. Oh well, Iím sure itíll be fine. At the time of writing, Chapters 6 and 7 still have no commentaries, after all! I do mean to fix that, mind you (and sooner than you may think), but itís going to be largely a retrospective rather than any insights from the time I created those chapters.

But I digress.

The Presidentís office was a fun setting to create. Itís a bit of a mashup between the Oval Office in the White House and the Supreme Chancellorís office in Star Wars. But the office is less important than its current occupant, Alvaro Rosko. Like Jayna Liddy, Za HíLet, and Darius Vasque, Rosko is a character I first created for Eonís Comic back in 2008, whom Iíve brought back for Eonís World. For what itís worth, heís meant to be a North American bald eagle, and I did take some time to study the eyes and beaks of those birds while drawing him to try and get that across, but... well, Iím not sure itís terribly obvious. Then again, this is a glorified Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic, and since when do any Sonic characters look exactly like the animal theyíre supposed to be? And birds are no exception. I also looked at some pictures of Falco Lombardi, a character from Star Fox, since this chapter takes place in the Lylat system, which is the setting of those games. It wasnít totally unhelpful, but I went with my instincts for the most part and I think I did okay. I haven't drawn many bird characters, so this was a new challenge for me.

Talking of Star Fox, the Aparoid War, which Rosko discusses here, is an actual event from those games -- specifically Star Fox Assault. At the end of that game, the Lylat system is pretty thoroughly trashed, and I wanted to explore the potential aftermath of such a devastating conflict. So, if youíre trying to place this story somewhere in the continuity of the official Star Fox canon, then... I honestly wouldnít try too hard, really, because Star Fox canon, while a little tighter than Sonicís, is still pretty loose. But if you want a rough idea, it takes place seven years after Star Fox Assault, and the events of Star Fox Command have not yet happened, and they may not happen at all. I am leaning towards not at all, however, in much the same way that Eonís World picks up the Sonic story from Sonic Adventure 2 and is then very loose with the canon thereafter before completely departing from it. Iíd expect much the same treatment of the Star Fox canon.

But yeah. Star Fox is coming. Just you wait and see.

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