April 27, 2013


Commentary for April 27, 2013:

Yes, there is action in this comic. Not just dialogue and lots of it. Granted, there is more dialogue than action right now, but there is action, dammit! This page proves it!

As with rifles, pistols aren't terribly easy to draw, but I think I did all right, all things considered. I'm particularly proud of the last panel. I wasn't sure how I was going to draw gunshots, but I found a way and I'm pretty pleased with it. I do wonder, however, if I should have put some motion lines in to clarify that Eon is dodging. I toyed with some lines to see how they might look, but I wasn't happy with them and decided to do without.

Again, consistency is a bit of an issue on this page. The fugitive leader's head keeps changing shape, but it's not a huge problem really. Practice, Beth. Practice.

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