August 24, 2022



Commentary for August 24, 2022:

Where is the world is Shadow Sandiego?

Well, observant readers may have an inkling, but Iím not just going to tell, am I? Youíll find out soon enough, after all. Well, I say that, but it might be a little longer than you hope. Iíll come back to that tomorrow.

Right now I will just say that Shadowís powers and relationship with the Chaos Emeralds, like a lot of Sonic lore, is very ill defined in official fiction. But Iíve always imagined Shadow has a very particular connection to the Chaos Emeralds, much more so than Sonic. Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast, these are all things Shadow can do, and even though Sonic and Silver have occasionally been shown using Chaos Control, thatís only ever really in special circumstances. As a standard action, Chaos Control and other Chaos powers very much belong to Shadow. And this is why I figure he has the relationship with the Chaos Emeralds he does.

But what about the Master Emerald? Is it just a big Chaos Emerald? Official word from Sega these days is no, but in licensed fiction of days gone by, it very much was. In the classic comics from both sides of the Atlantic, the Master Emerald was just a big Chaos Emerald; in the Fleetway series it was one of the seven, whereas the Archie series eventually cleaved a little closer to the game depiction and presented it as a separate gem, but still a Chaos Emerald of sorts. Now, Iíve written up my own lore about the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald, so I know whatís what (in this setting anyway), and weíve explored a little bit of that already in season 1. Here we are picking up that narrative thread again and before the end of season 3, you might learn a little bit more.

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