August 9, 2022



Commentary for August 9, 2022:

So I mentioned at the start of the chapter that this story, originally created for the 2018 remaster of Eon’s Comic, was adapted from a couple of vignettes from the original 2003 Christmas story. I can now elaborate on that.

Like in this and the 2018 version, the original depicted Sonic returning the Tornado, previously captured by the Echidna Empire, to Tails as a gift for Christmas (or the winter solstice in this case). However, in the original version, it was Brabanzio who turned the plane over to Sonic, not Kari-Ya, and the joke was that Sonic had got him drunk at a Christmas party. That’s pretty out of character, considering the role he would later play, and it just seemed kind of silly to me. Even drunk, a loyal Echidna Imperial isn’t going to lose all sense of reason and turn over a valuable captured asset to the enemy just because he asked them to. So I made the story about Kari-Ya instead and changed the reason for acquiescing to Sonic’s demands to her desire to protect her people.

Of course, one thing I did keep from the original was was Sonic running into some Imperials who’d gone AWOL to enjoy the seasonal festivities in the nearest town, but in the original version, that was all tell and no show. But this chapter was a good opportunity to explore Kari-Ya’s character and her feelings about the Echidna Empire and the role she is expected to play. She’s also an important character with big things ahead of her, after all.

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