August 3, 2022



Commentary for August 3, 2022:

The Dog & Duck and the town of Pine Hill are all locations that were originally featured in the final story arc of Eonís Comic, early in 2011. The landlord, Mister Winthrop and even one of his patrons at the bar were also characters who appeared in that story arc. While making the 2018 remaster, I decided to put the town of Pine Hill at the foot of the same mountains where the Echidna Empireís base is hidden at this time, and feature some of those characters as a bit of an Easter egg, since they would not become important yet for another seven hundred pages. And featuring them again here in this remaster, itís much the same, only itís likely to be a lot more than seven hundred pages before any of these folks become more than background characters. After all, this is page 458 already!

Now you might be wondering why Kari-Ya doesnít know what beer is. As originally conceived, Echitarism (i.e. the traditional religion of the echidnas of Angel Island) was one of those religions that forbids the consumption of alcohol, like Islam or Mormonism. Since I made the decision to not make their religion so much the driving force behind the Echidna Empire as it was in Eonís Comic, I doubt thereíd be any real consequences for an Imperial who was caught drinking, but I also donít think they do have any particular prohibitions against alcohol. Itís just that the echidnas of Angel Island donít really have a culture of brewing beer, so much as one of making wine. So Kari-Yaís experience of alcohol up to this point is likely to have just been various wines and possibly meads, but never beers or ales. In any case, I feel like Kari-Yaís reaction is pretty typical for a personís first time trying beer.

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