August 2, 2022



Commentary for August 2, 2022:

So this scene is adapted from the 2018 remaster, but expanded upon, because of the extra wiggle room I have from doing the comic in this format. One of the things I wanted to do with it was to establish why the Echidna Empire doesnít just take Angel Island, when they honestly could at this point. And well, hereís the reason; whether itís true or not, they believe the United Federation wouldnít simply allow echidnas to live on Angel Island, alone and separate from the planet below. Rather, they would annex the island and make it a Federal state. Until the Echidna Empire can safeguard against that, they darenít do anything so brazen.

Now, Iíve actually reimagined Iago a bit for this remake. Up until now, heís just been the purple Echidna Empire mook, much like he had been up to this point in the original Eonís Comic. But when I started to develop his personality back then, I made him a bit of creep, who hoped to seduce Kari-Ya in order to advance his own position in the Echidna Empire. Like a typical underling in a villainous organisation, his only real loyalty was to himself. He was the Starscream to Sora-Yaís Megatron, if Horatio was the Shockwave and Fťro-Na was the Soundwave. Later on, I softened my portrayal of him, but I wonít go into that here, at the risk of spoilers.

What I will say is that I drastically reimagined Iago here, making him a more sympathetic character, I feel. Cheerful, friendly, and genuinely believes in the cause, for reasons heíll get into himself in a couple of pages. But one thing I did keep from how I originally imagined him is his propensity to bend or even outright break the rules for the sake of a good time. Originally it was just because he was a self-serving jerk, who didnít really believe in anything -- for the record, he was named after and probably more than a little inspired by the character Iago from Shakespeareís Othello, who is very much a self-serving jerk -- but now itís more a matter of just having a mischievous streak, because itís sometimes fun to break the rules. And on this occasion, heís doing it to help a friend feel better.

Oh yes, I should remiss to not mention that Kari-Ya mistakenly referring town as Pining Hearts is a reference to one of my all time favourite cartoons, Steven Universe.

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