May 9, 2022



Commentary for May 9, 2022:

As much time as Iíve spent making these Wolf Pack sprites, I am very proud of how they look. I could have got things done quicker and easier if Iíd made Sandy the only unique looking character among them and just made the others recolours of one another, but I wanted them to look like individuals. (Conversely, I very much wanted the private security personnel to look indistinguishable from each other, which is why they all have visors that almost completely cover their faces. Once again, very deliberate commentary on how uniformed service robs people of their identity.) But making a lot of unique sprites does take time. Still, no real regrets. If you recognise any of the wolves besides Sandy, give yourself a pat on the back. Yes, wolves plural.

Now, about Sandy, fun fact! Her look is based on my rookie character from Sonic Forces. When I got her looking a way that I was truly satisfied with while playing that game, oh about four years ago now, I named her Sandy (because she was yellow, like sand) and thought to myself, wouldnít it be neat to give her a cameo or something in Eonís World some day? And well, here it is, and itís better than a cameo, itís a major supporting role in this chapter.

That does make me wonder, though, who is the lead character in this chapter? I donít think there actually is one. Like the Avengers films, itís more of an ensemble thing, and the Freedom Fighters are collectively the lead characters. Technically, Antoine is their leader, but heís no more the main character than Captain America is in any of the Avengers films.

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