May 4, 2022



Commentary for May 4, 2022:

Happy Stars Wars Day and welcome to Chapter 37, ĎWhisperís of a Distant Starí. I swear, the timing there was not deliberate.

I could have got this page done in a couple of hours, if I hadnít decided to go prepare whole new assets to represent the Great Forest, so instead it took all day. I had originally planned for the first panel to be a grand establishing shot of Knothole, but I really couldnít quite figure how to do that in sprites without it taking a really long time, and then I thought to myself, ďWell, Knotholeís supposed to be a hidden village; does it really make sense for it to be possible to see the whole village from a distance?Ē I figure itís more a thing you can see best from within. And then I proceeded to just have the Freedom Fighters chatting in a forest glade. The script calls it the bonfire glade, but itís daytime, so no bonfire. If we return here at night some time (and we probably will), there may be a bonfire.

Anyway, whatís this? Rotorís leaving? And after I made those lovely new sprites of him, too?

Now, this isnít because I dislike Rotor; I actually like him a lot. But Ian Flynn has actually talked about this on his podcast from his own experience of writing the official Archie Sonic comic back in the day; Rotor is kind of redundant. He was originally described for SatAM as Sonicís best friend and the inventor of the Freedom Fighters. Sound familiar? It should, because thatís just describing Tails. In order to give Rotor his own purpose, Flynn ended up reinventing him several times over the years and there was one occasion (before Flynnís tenure on the book, mind you) where he was even absent for quite some time.

In any case, this is not the last you will see of Rotor. I have plans for him and he will be back. Heck, in future seasons, heís going to play quite an important role, too. So this is only goodbye for now.

Anyway, May the Fourth be with you!

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