May 3, 2022



Commentary for May 3, 2022:

Iíd like to take a moment to note just how satisfied I am with the paper money sprite there in panel 2. Sometimes it really is the little things. On another artistic note, would it surprise you to learn that I first created that Uranus asset (I say asset, Ďcause itís not really a sprite) way back in 2009? Thing is, I donít think I could do a better job of it now, so why re-invent the wheel? But yeah, thatís Uranus Black Sabreís ship is orbiting. No jokes, please; theyíre tired and very obvious and thatís not even how you pronounce it.

Anyway, this chapter is pretty faithful to the original in spirit, if not in the precise details. In the original, as Iíve previously mentioned, a couple of OCís had travelled back in time with Sonic from his trip into the future (which had originally been five hundred years into the future, rather than just ten) and Katherine Elm had arrived to remove them to prevent damage to the timeline. In the 2018 remaster, I removed those OCís changed it from a pair of OCís to Zero and Ciel from Mega Man Zero, which I had mentioned a couple of pages ago.

You see, in the original Eonís Comic, I included Zero and Ciel without realising that Mega Man Zero was set in the future relative to Mega Man, because I was just telling stories with what I thought were cool sprites back then and often didnít know any of the relevant lore. It was only later that I read up on this and realised my mistake, at which point I retconned Zero and Ciel to make them into time travellers, whoíd come back from a bad future (the setting of the Mega Man Zero games) to try and change history for the better. Sound familiar?

Anyway, this whole story arc concluded in 2005, when I made a concerted effort to discontinue all the Mega Man stuff in Eonís Comic, while still giving it what I felt was a satisfying conclusion. I realised by that point that it was a mistake to have ever included Mega Man content, that Iíd written it badly, and I never made any references back to it ever again.

But I digress. The point is, Zero and Ciel were time travellers in Eonís Comic and were a reasonable target for the temporal agents in the 2018 remaster. But coming to Eonís World Vol. 1, a complete remake from the ground up, there was simply no need for them, but I did still need a time traveller to justify Katherine Elmís debut. Fortunately, Silver the Hedgehog is a long established character in Sonic fiction at this point and I feel like Iím repeating myself here, so Iíll stop.

My point is, this story is basically the same as the one told in Eonís Comic #118 and #119, only Silver the Hedgehog is the time traveller now. That and Iíve also changed the identity of Katherineís boss. In the original, they were another OC belonging to a friend, but one Iíve long since lost touch with, which is why they are not in this remake. But even if we were still in touch, I imagine Iíd have changed out their OC for Black Sabre in this story arc all the same. Iíll say no more at this time, however.

Tomorrowís the start of a new chapter, so come back then for more Eonís World!

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