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Page for November 26, 2014:



Apologies for the lateness of this page. I literally finished it just a few minutes before uploading it. However, I think the wait is worth it, because I'm very pleased with this page.

I've always loved Angel Island and found Knuckles to be a fascinating character, which is why he's played such a big role in my comic since practically the beginning. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that he's the first Sega character to make a return.

Now, the reason this page was so late is because of Angel Island. I could have just drawn the island, but I have an overwhelming need for consistency in the scenery I create for this comic, and I'm not that good at drawing that kind of thing completely free hand. So, instead, I created a 3D model of Angel Island to serve as a guide for drawing it. Yes, the entire island. Fully sized too. Not that an official size has ever been given by Sega. The closest thing to it was something around 50km across, according to the Archie Comics Knuckles the Echidna series. Well, this is not based on Archie's version, so instead, it's about 20km across and the highest mountain peak is around 3000 metres above the island's edge. I didn't create this model entirely out of whole cloth, however. If you've been paying attention throughout this chapter, you may have spotted a map of Angel Island appearing on some Imperial computer screens. That map goes back to the sprite comic days and I used it as the guide for the island's layout, remaining extremely faithful to it, in fact, though I made sure to add visual cues for the Launch Base, Marble Garden, and Sandopolis zones -- mostly for the fans -- which I had not included on the map previously.

I am very pleased with how that model turned out and I got it done in reasonable time, so I thought I might just get this page up on time. But then I realised I needed to create the Master Emerald shrine and, not being one for half measures, I went and created the entire Temple of Chaos from Sonic Adventure (yes, I know something was only ever called that in Sonic the Comic, but I think the name fits perfectly well for the structure featured in Sonic Adventure where the Chaos Emeralds were originally kept). Not only did I create the temple, I created the original, undamaged temple, and then systematically went about reducing it to the modern day ruin you see in Sonic Adventure. So, I actually created the temple twice. And then, ironically, I only show a very tight shot of Knuckles on the altar of the Master Emerald on this page. Sigh. Still, the whole thing is there now when I need it -- including the undamaged temple from three thousand years ago, if I ever want a flashback scene!

Anyways, that's the end of chapter 5. Expect chapter 6 to begin in February -- probably late in the month. I have a lot of preparation to do for that chapter, so I will not be idle by any means.

Commentary for November 26, 2014



So I've decided that, beginning with chapter 6, Eon's World 2.0 will be taking a Netflix approach to its release schedule. Instead of releasing one or two pages a week until the end of a chapter and then taking a break, I will be releasing an entire chapter once it is complete. While this may mean longer breaks between new content, it will also mean no more waiting around for the next page, which can be annoying, as it disrupts the flow of a story. It will also mean I'm under less pressure to get a page done by a particular day, meaning I can devote more time to improving the quality of the artwork and the storytelling.

I'm happy to report that I'm a third of the way through chapter 6 now, and I hope to have the whole chapter completed by midsummer at the latest. I'm hoping I'll be able to put out at least two chapters a year.

News for April 15, 2015

Hey, readers! The forum is kinda gone now, but check out the new Facebook page and the discussion can continue there!

News for August 30, 2014

Good news, everyone!

I have re-uploaded the first one hundred pages of Eon's World 1.0, the sprite comic I wrote from October 2002 to February 2011. I think it's better to have those pages on my own website than on deviantART, so if you're interested in seeing my embarrassing work from eleven years ago, you need only click the following link, you can find it via the archives or by clicking on the 1.0 button on the left on the main page.

The rest of the series will be uploaded gradually too, in chunks of fifty.

News for October 15, 2013

And we're back! I wasn't completely sure if I was going to bring the comic off hiatus on schedule or not, but I decided in the end to do so. However, I have also decided that a biweekly update schedule is just too much to handle right now. So, as of now, Eon's world 2.0 will be updated weekly, every Saturday. Yes, I know this means that stories will progress more slowly, but it's easier for me to stay on top of regular updates without the need for periodic hiatuses this way. If I manage to pick up speed to the point that I feel I can do updates twice a week again, I may go back to that, but not right now.

News for September 14, 2013

Eon's World 2.0 is on hiatus until September 14.

News for August 14, 2013

So it's been two years and a bit since the last page of Eon's World (#843) went online with the announcement that I would be unable to continue the comic for a little while. I didn't expect it to be this long originally, so I apologise for leaving things hanging the way they did (though, at least I didn't you all on a cliff hanger). I wouldn't be at all surprised if readers have stopped expecting the story to continue, because I'd stopped expecting it to myself for a while. I first got round to writing a script for the new format in December 2011, and it was only this February that I actually managed to force myself to start working on bringing that script to life.

I had spent a lot of time doing prep work during the long hiatus and I kept telling myself that I wasn't ready yet. But, in the end, I realised that I could keep doing prep work indefinitely, and the comic itself would never materialise=, so I just had to knuckle down and do it. And I did. And now it's time to share it with the world (well, with the internet).

Updates will be at their usual times (Wednesdays and Saturdays), ideally early in the day (around midnight, GMT, where possible). If you're worried about the old comics archive, don't be. To save server space, I'm migrating all 843 pages to deviantART, where you'll still be able to see them. But those pages have scarily enormous file sizes, so it will save a lot of space here to move them. If you're not already watching me on deviantART, please do so! You'll get to see all kinds of things I've been working on for the comic, including so sneak previews of various ships and such.

The forum is still where it used to be, so if you want to discuss the comic and the various issues surrounding it, feel free to join, but please remember to be civil.

News for April 03, 2013


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