March 02, 2019


Commentary for March 02, 2019:

When I first scripted this page, I intended for everyone to be knocked over by the explosion in the first panel. But when it came down to doing the art itself, I realised that was a little silly. Seven people next to an exploding wall in a confined space and not one injury? No, that was unbelievable. When youíre writing a story about anthropomorphic animals, some of whom are Jedi or robots or angels, you have to have some realism to keep it grounded. Then I remembered that Nicole could generate hard light force fields in the Archie Sonic comic and CJís a pretty powerful mage, who once shielded an entire city from a missile attack. Between the two of them, they could easily protect everyone in this room.

This was a pretty frustrating page to complete, mind you. Two very detailed panels with seven and eight characters in them respectively (the latter with a partial exterior view)? They took literal hours for me to complete. Iím very thankful I didnít just plough ahead with regular updates until I had a good backlog, otherwise we would be looking at delays. Sadly, thatís part of why Eonís World Vol. 2 will never go without breaks between chapters. Other artists can keep their webcomics going non-stop, and I truly respect them for it. But itís not within my capabilities, sadly.

Anyway, a couple of notes on lore. As I already mentioned, Nicole can create force fields. This is something carried over from her depiction in Archie Sonic, where she was a hard-light hologram for almost half of the bookís run, but the force fields were more of a post-reboot thing, if Iím remembering right. Of course, as established in this chapter, the Eonís World version of Nicole is no longer a hologram. Instead her body is robotic now, but she still has the ability to project hard-light holograms and itís essentially that kind of tech she uses to create her force fields. Secondly, Antoine is left-handed. Itís not a huge thing, but since left-handed people are such a minority, you rarely see them depicted in fiction. Again, this is something Iíve brought into Eonís World from Archie Sonic, specifically the reboot, where Antoine was almost always shown wielding his sabre left-handed.

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