February 27, 2019


Commentary for February 27, 2019:

For those new to Eon’s World, it should be noted that the death penalty was abolished under the United Nations of Earth, a legal standard that was then inherited by the Terran Union. And, as Antoine indicates, the Terran Union has laws forbidding extradition where a wanted fugitive is likely to be executed or tortured. Really, the Terran Union has laws protecting fugitives from extradition for as little as the risk of being treated unfairly by foreign authorities. The point is, the Terran Union has very strict standards on extradition.

I’m kind of proud of the interaction in panel 2 between Sally, Nicole, and Antoine. On the one hand, Nicole is making a philosophical and moral case for protecting Kathy. Whereas Antoine, on the other hand, is making a purely legal case for it. They both reach the same conclusion, but from different angles. And of course, that’s helpful to a political leader who wants to make a decision that may have negative consequences but which they believe is, nevertheless, the right thing to do.

Moving on, Nicole refers to Alatáran rehabilitation as a “death of personality”, a term I borrowed from Babylon 5 (as would probably be obvious to readers familiar with that series). Now, as conceived, Alatáran rehab is not identical to death of personality, as practiced by the Earth Alliance in B5; in their version, the subject’s memories are also erased (at least, in theory, although it is revealed that they’re really just suppressed and can be made to resurface with the right stimuli). What the Alatárans do is actually closer to the “mind cleansing” practiced by the Nebari in Farscape, where the subject remembers their previous life, but has had their behaviour modified to prevent further wrongdoing. Of course, the Nebari are also an extremely oppressive society who use mind cleansing against anyone who doesn’t conform to their strict social standards, which is not how I imagine the Alatárans to be. They may not have the fairest justice system (after all, they try wanted fugitives in absentia), but Alatáran rehab is at least only used against people convicted of serious crimes, like the death of personality under the Earth Alliance. So it draws on a bit of both. Hey, I’m a fan of both B5 and Farscape. What can I say?

Anyway, with things about to kick off, I’m glad the scene with seven characters sat around a table is drawing to a close. Multiple character shots are so time consuming!

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